allel.stats.misc.plot_variant_locator(pos, step=None, ax=None, start=None, stop=None, flip=False, line_kwargs=None)[source]

Plot lines indicating the physical genome location of variants from a single chromosome/contig. By default the top x axis is in variant index space, and the bottom x axis is in genome position space.


pos : array_like

A sorted 1-dimensional array of genomic positions from a single chromosome/contig.

step : int, optional

Plot a line for every step variants.

ax : axes, optional

The axes on which to draw. If not provided, a new figure will be created.

start : int, optional

The start position for the region to draw.

stop : int, optional

The stop position for the region to draw.

flip : bool, optional

Flip the plot upside down.

line_kwargs : dict-like

Additional keyword arguments passed through to plt.Line2D.


ax : axes

The axes on which the plot was drawn